"Funny, sweet, thoughtful, humble, generous stories about the rarefied culture of the folk musician. The folk music world has found its Homer." - Milbre Burch

Vineyards Press has just published a book of Bill's Acoustic Stories. Go to VineyardsPress.com to see more about this limited edition, Book-of-the-Year publication.

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My name is Bill Amatneek and I've played string bass and 5-string banjo in acoustic music groups most of my life. Maybe you've heard me on the first David Grisman Quintet album, or on recordings with Peter Rowan and the Rowan Brothers, Mark O'Connor, Kate Wolf, and the Chambers Brothers.

Now I tell stories about my music experiences: 
 Jammin' with Jerry Garcia,
  Concertizing with Peter, Paul and Mary,
   Interviewing Aretha Franklin for Rolling Stone,
    Pickin' with the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe,
      Jawboning with
Al Gore about Pete Seeger,
       Playing a life-endangering cocktail gig for a U.S. President,
        and many others.

These are stories of discovery, laughter, pay-back, adventure, and MUSIC. Stories with music, about music, and about the musicians who make our lives sing! The thrill of playing and the love of music are in Acoustic Stories.

I accompany these "Acoustic Stories" on 5-string banjo, and string bass. Audiences sing along on tunes like "Leaving On A Jet Plane," "Buddy Bolden's Blues," "Your Long Journey" and "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms."

I've tried to describe some of the Acoustic Stories in brief. Some folks have said some mighty kind words about these tales, for which I am grateful.

I tell stories at folk music, bluegrass and storytelling festivals, as well as house concerts (love 'em) and back porches (love them too).

I also lead two workshops:
"My 10 Commandments of the Personal Story," and
"Stories with Music - Making the Integration"

Here is some information about the storytelling workshops and commissions I offer.

And I've got a 'short list' of some storytelling links you might enjoy.